Safety Orientation

Follow steps 1-4 in order to complete the Giant Mine Remediation Project Safety Orientation. Please remember to save the Session ID to save and resume the quiz at a later time. 

1 - General Health and Safety Rules Acknowledgement

Welcome to your General Health and Safety Rules Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement Date

Comply with all Parsons’ company policies and government regulations.

Use of cell phones and electronic devices is strictly prohibited in moving vehicles or when in hazardous areas or terrain.

General Health and Safety Rules Acknowledgement

  • Comply with all Parsons’ company policies and government regulations.
  • Use of cell phones and electronic devices is strictly prohibited in moving vehicles or when in hazardous areas or terrain.
  • Attend daily and monthly safety meetings and complete field level risk assessments (FLRA).
  • Obey warning signs and labels; do not cross barriers or warning tape.
  • Inspect personal protective equipment (PPE) and vehicle safety and fire equipment before use; report deficiencies.
  • PPE must be worn properly and be in good condition. Minimum site PPE required is:
    • CSA-approved safety boots (dirty boots cannot leave the site)
    • Hard hat with reflective strips (when working underground)
    • Safety glasses with side shields (face-shield or additional eye protection, as needed)
    • Coveralls or dedicated outer work clothes / long sleeves with high visibility markings (must be laundered on site); cannot be worn on second floor of C-Dry
    • Work gloves appropriate for the task
  • Immediately report all unsafe activities, injuries, incidents and near misses, no matter how minor.
  • 100% compliance with fall protection (6 feet or greater), Lock-out / Tag-out (LOTO), Confined Space and Permit / Mine Entry procedures.
  • No loose clothing, necklace, bracelets, rings and piercings; tie or bundle long hair.
  • Do not participate in horseplay or distracting others.
  • Use proper lifting techniques; bend at the knees, avoid twisting, awkward postures or over exertion. Do not lift over 50 lbs. alone; when in doubt ask for help.
  • Do not attempt to repair or alter equipment or machinery, only qualified personnel authorized by the supervisor are permitted.
  • Smoke only in authorized locations; do not smoke on the job site, in vehicles or equipment.
  • Practice good housekeeping and keep the workplace clear of any hazards or environmental issues. Contractor is responsible for waste disposal and environmental controls. Safety data sheets (SDS) must be available.
  • Participate in Medical Monitoring Program and provide samples as directed.
  • Only authorized and trained personnel may operate equipment or drive on site (see below).
  • Perform tasks safely with all the proper procedures, practices, tools, equipment, techniques and instructions while on the job.


2 - Orientation Presentation

Welcome to your Orientation Presentation

3 - Orientation Checklist

Welcome to your Orientation Checklist

8a.       Sign-in / Sign-out requirements











l.         Site Information Restricted / Social Media Postings

l.         Site Information Restricted / Social Media Postings

l.         Site Information Restricted / Social Media Postings

l.         Site Information Restricted / Social Media Postings

8b.       Daily and weekly toolbox meeting attendance (mandatory)

7l.         Site Information Restricted / Social Media Postings

7k.       Site Driving / Equipment Operation Procedures

7j.         Working from Heights Procedures

7i.         Fall Protection Protocol

7h.       Confined Space Entry Procedures

7g.       Lock-out and Tag-out (LOTO) Procedures

7f.        Ground Disturbance Procedures

7e.       No Harassment Policy

8c.       Review specific job procedures with supervisor before starting work

8d.       Site inspection and observations is ongoing to keep personnel safe

8e.       Occupational Health and Safety Act – I know my responsibilities as an employee

8. I understand the following employee responsibilities.

8f.       I have the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work and fear no repercussions in doing so

8g.       Personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place to keep me safe on the job

8h.       Gloves must be worn when performing manual work

8i.       Do not leave site in dirty PPE or vehicle

9. I understand I must complete a field level risk assessment (FLRA) prior to start of work and report any potential hazards that may arise to my supervisor.

10. I have been provided a copy of Parsons’ requirements. It is my responsibility to review and ask my supervisor for clarifications.

12. I have been provided with contact information for Parsons and Giant Mine contractors and am aware of the procedures if I am unable to report to work.

11. I will follow Parsons site requirements and will adhere to their policies and safety protocols.

Orientation Facilitator Name: Lex Lovatt

4. I understand the specific hazards of the project / job site. I will call my supervisor to answer any of my questions concerning hazards of my work and how to minimize them. I know the working procedures can be found with my supervisor or safety staff.

5a.       Alarm sounds – I know the required action

5. I know the emergency procedures (check for yes or ask):

5b.       Emergency phone location and radio channel

3. I attest that I am trained, qualified and/or certified to do the work that I have been called upon to do. I have provided all my certificates of qualification to Parsons. I will not operate / use any piece of equipment / tool that I have not been trained or certified to use.

2. I understand that all injuries, environmental releases or exposures must be reported to my immediate supervisor as soon as possible and I must attend the site medical facility for any first aid that I may require. I must also file an Injury Report.

1. All my questions regarding the site orientation, including the Parsons’ PowerPoint presentation, have been answered to my satisfaction.



Company Name:

Worker Name:

5c.       Evacuation routes and assembly area

5d.       Emergency equipment locations and their use

6. I am aware of the personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene requirements (e.g., coveralls, safety glasses, hard hat, hearing protection, respirator, steel toe shoes and gloves)

7a.       Drug and Alcohol Policy

7b.       Return to Work Program

7c.       Respect in the Workplace Policy

7d.       Progressive Discipline Policy

7. The following policies and procedures were explained to me during the orientation.
I can call my supervisor for any further information, direction or answers to my inquiries.

Parsons enforces and provides the following policies (check for yes or ask):

4 - Orientation Competency Test

Welcome to your Site Orientation Competency Test

Workers must wear coveralls or safety vests with reflective stripes at all times while working at site outside of the administration building.

I understand and will follow site rules and report all unsafe conditions.

The emergency muster point for this work site is (1) C-Dry building (2) MEG shop or (3) your project-level muster point.

The location of the emergency response plan and safety data sheets (SDS) on this work site is the main entrance to the C-Dry.

All accidents must be immediately reported to your supervisor or the Parsons’ Health and Safety Management.

Personnel must be trained and qualified for the job and documentation available on site for Parsons to review prior to starting work?

A field level risk assessment (FLRA) is preferred, but not mandatory, prior to starting work?

Coveralls, boots and outer clothes must be laundered on-site and no coveralls are permitted upstairs in C-Dry?

Only supervisors have the responsibility and the authority to STOP WORK at any time necessary to protect health and safety.

Work that takes place at the Giant Mine site is considered confidential and is not to be shared unless approved by the proper authority. Avoid talking about site activities in public settings.

If you come to this worksite visibly hung over or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be subject to testing and/or dismissal from the scheduled shift.

Workers may wear jewelry on the jobsite, such as wrist watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings.

Possessing or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol / marijuana while on the worksite is not grounds for testing and/or dismissal.

Hard hats must be CSA-compliant, in good shape (less than five years old) and inspected before use.

Parsons’ Main Construction Manager worker orientation is not required prior to working on the Giant Mine work site.



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